This project required an installation to selectively channel light and views from certain parts of SPACES Gallery to others, while also blocking the flash of a photo booth from disrupting the party at SPACES’ annual fundraiser. I devised a simple solution – to physically articulate the paths through which we hoped to admit light by arranging planes parallel to the light’s trajectory.

Each region of the structure was associated with a point in space from which it should appear close to transparent. I accomplished this by constructing each region out of sheets oriented coplanar to the chosen point. This singular restriction aside, there was no requirement governing what the specific geometry of the region should be. This opened up opportunities to be whimsical and play with the arrangement of the extruded triangles which formed the cells of the structure. The result was a structure whose underlying logic stood independent from its specific articulation. Drawing on the work of Sol LeWitt and others, a simple rule creates opportunities for massively chaotic visual complexity.

Materials, media and techniques: